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Over the setting's history, the planet has been threatened with invasion by the First Imperium of interstellar humans, taken part in the Second Imperium ruled by Earth humans (Solomani) though not as the capital, passed a period of barbarism within a reduced sphere of control, been retaken at great cost and held in later wars by the Third Imperium, has recently been reacquired by the Solomani and stands threatened by an enemy with even older roots.

The original Traveller book called, without irony, Alien Module 6 does in fact present humans from Earth as a distinctly foreign group to the most populous inhabitants of the Traveller universe. They even have different ability scores. Their politics are all too familiar to our time, though strange to see in an interstellar medium: a one-party state dedicated to, literally, racial supremacy, but presented in matter-of-fact detail as an alternative way of life.

The adventure "The Lost Colony" seems as if it could run in Star*Drive with much the same feeling, substituting our setting's off-Earth human supremacists, broad-scale government, local Terran administration with higher representation (differing in detail), specific past conflicts, and probably making some cosmetic changes to the end location.

But don't do what I did and go through looking for information on the Vegan District. It just repeats a few paragraphs from Library Data.

edit: More details on SolSec routine operations, including connection of their work to the Solomani state's use of psychohistory, which might be worth going into some time.

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