Tabletop Simulator , Anyone tried it out? in Gamemasters Corner, Adventures & Plots
SanChristo Jan 20 2019, 12:34 Group: Heroes, Level 10 Quote Post
Hey folks,
A friend of mine just directed me toward Tabletop Simulator on Steam, which seems like a stellar platform for alternity. It seems like you could organize a game for people from all over the world. Has anyone tried it or would they like to try it?
DrShocter Jan 21 2019, 00:24 Group: Heroes, Level 7 Quote Post
I would like to try it sometime, most of my gaming group is online.
SanChristo Jan 25 2019, 20:55 Group: Heroes, Level 10 Quote Post
I think I'm going to try hosting a game next week with some people who have never played before.
SanChristo Feb 9 2019, 12:46 Group: Heroes, Level 10 Quote Post
Some college buddies and I have played two sessions in two weeks on Tabletop Simulator and have another planned for next week. It's really pretty great.
lordmalachdrim Feb 9 2019, 21:59 Group: Heroes, Level 16 Quote Post
I've looked at it but Fantasy Grounds works for my group and our games.
SanChristo Feb 10 2019, 23:48 Group: Heroes, Level 10 Quote Post
I'd never heard of Fantasy Grounds, but I looked it up, and it looks cool.

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