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Niko_Kaze Jan 3 2019, 23:11 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Hello again all, sorry for the long absence.

I am about to begin running a 2.0 campaign, and figured I would keep a log here for how things go and for general amusement. This is an in person game. Once the characters are fleshed out I will post them as well.


I am at broad strokes currently; going with a tech level 7.3 campaign (to use the old system). The characters are joining the crew of a largish commercial anchor ship (for interstellar jumps) named The Epicurean to complete a tour (5ish years long). The civilization is a federation of some sorts (still working through this) with the launch area being the first colonial expansion as a united effort. The tour itself will go through parts of species expansion efforts, the united settlement area and into new colonial space (about a year worth of jumps in newly to uncharted space).

While normally a commercial anchor ship wouldn't be heading into potentially hostile/unprofitable territory the federation is providing escort and funds for that portion of the trip -- the escort ships will be picked up in the two~ three jumps before heading into this area.

The anchor ship will have about 200 crew total with positions for the PCs in a wide range of areas from security, engineering, entertainment, medical, hard (cheap) labor, and the business side of running the ship.

I think I am going to use the basic stardrive mechanics from the old system to explain most of the travel portion of the jump ship -- namely it takes time to spool up, it jumps just inside of the system and then travels through before it jumps again. The travel through time is such as to allow the trade ships or what not to fly off for a while to trade/ do missionary work/ science/ whatever before rejoining on the other side.

I figure the anchor ship has a few shuttles/light freighter size ships that it is obligated to provide at least token assistance to those that contract to use it with. This will provide for opportunities for "away missions" for the character crew.

I want to run this campaign as an episodic endeavor to allow for players joining/leaving/getting bored so crew can be switched out fairly easily (part of why I want a decent sized crew to "hide" potential future PCs in).

What I'm not sure of (yet) is the design of the anchor ship, including things such as does it have warehouse space of its own, does it have a trade floor, hotel, and other amenities or is it more utilitarian in nature.

I think with it being a five year tour it should be fairly robust in nature if not in depth of what is available, and that it could possibly turn a tidy side profit from having a trade floor for its travelers as well as some level of entertainment function for those attached.

As always your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Also a thank you to DotskBor, time, and Uncle_Jimbo for current work done as I will definitely be using some of your resources during this campaign!
DotskBor Jan 4 2019, 23:38 Group: Heroes, Level 3 Quote Post
Sounds like it will be fun! If there's anything you think of you want added to the screen, just put a comment on that thread. I check it periodically.

I will be adding more healing rules soon as it's something often referenced by my group that isn't on the screen yet.

Looking forward to how your campaign goes!
Niko_Kaze Jan 20 2019, 15:37 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Characters got built last night.

So far we have:
Human expert (ship mechanic) - formerly worked on a pirate ship, got worried decided a 5 year stint abroad would be a good way to go clean.
Human Survivor (general fixer, gearhead) - no one is fully sure of her background, she's great at fixing stuff but her examples, while spot on, always raise questions about how she knows about such exact (bloody) circumstances.
Briith Leader (comms) - This is Peggy, ready to help in exactly the manner she tells you. No one quite knows how to tell Peggy "no".
Sesheyan Expert (scout) - Works security, prefers to be outside, mostly just wants to see new plays, has a drone named Bob.

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Tikon2000 Feb 16 2019, 06:54 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
Sounds like a perfect excuse to use the old Lighthouse setting/ship/city book.
Sort of like a travelling Babylon 5?
Or have Tendril if you're using the old Stardrive Verge setting, create a smaller version of the Lighthouse to compete with it.
uncle_jimbo Feb 16 2019, 21:43 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
In Star*Drive terms (I had just started thinking what Protostar equivalents will look like) the Lighthouse class should be an ideal platform for extended exploration, as I've also proposed for another (very slow-moving) project. The Concord sent a fortress ship to re-contact the Verge, but that was in response to a message suggesting possible violent events.

The original post sounds like Traveller's merchant cruiser. (I can just as easily suggest either of these, since I still have to work up both for Warships and neither has a close equivalent in Alternity 2017.)

I remember from the published history of Oberon, though I might have invented some details, the Rigunmors and StarMechs sending cruisers to open up that part of the Verge in the 24th century. So, lots of options.

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Niko_Kaze Feb 18 2019, 05:47 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Basically yes, I am looking to simply grab the ship I had previously designed and adjust the histories a bit.

The communication function of the ship will be a huge deal as interstellar communication arrays are expensive so most of border space is using the always slower ships to spread news. Usually once something gets to the array inner system communications are slower.

I have mostly come to terms with the fact the ship is simply a setting so while I need to know what it is capable of I don't have to worry about ship based conflict.

I finally realized I had missed the portion in the back about psionics but they are close enough to what I was thinking that I am not worried about it now. I plan cybernetics to be similar, so that moves me through that; once I have my PDF done I will share it here.

Work has unfortunately been slowing hobbies down; some big projects have been eating my time. This next week is some vacation time so I should get something close to done then.

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