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I came across another use of social events with a purpose in mind

Oddly similar:

Dungeons as occasions

I may have a place for the third adventure seed. Actually, each of them looks useful.

I might as well make a start on general use of the idea.

Witchburner, for one, describes itself in these very words.

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Some social events purely involve consumption of different comestibles, interaction and jockeying for status with other attendees (whether in a general sense or within the specific structure of one or more organisations), but many also call upon other skills relevant to the purpose of the gathering, such as various games, exhibition of items and achievements, extraction of information, conclusion of trades or agreements, and so on.

Success in the attendees' intentions and game recognition of achievement might call upon a complex skill check using a number of different skills, stages and/or tracks of progress.

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I GM'd through a social scene in another rule system. While it was the second time I've run it, I might have been a bit tired and rushed, so I don't think I brought across the author's intention. It might be a useful point here: Social events in RPGs often try to convey qualities of the people encountered and of surrounding larger forces. Since a RPG is not a novel, it's important to lay on strongly to reinforce information that will impact the players, their choices and their comprehension of the game - explicitly to the GM (including myself, if I'm preparing for my own table) and directly to the players by what the Supporting Cast say and do.
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The social bit, around a variable purpose:

Food items and events at the evil feast

Several examples come to mind, with not as many orcs, in The Worm Ouroboros.

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