Ashen Stars: Class K in Species, Aliens, Xenoforms & Monsters
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The Ashen Stars core book lists only eight creatures in the "Entity Database", which might seem a token effort. That would be a mistake. Each one is gold.

Class-K entities pose an extreme or existential threat to the interstellar Combine. Each might (and, in the setting's history, in fact has) destroy(ed) entire worlds and species. In SCP's terms, they'd probably be Class Keter, though the scheme has a different purpose.
  • Dermoids replace your skin and then take over your brain.
  • Jaggar form a hierarchy of bodily variants that has been described in terms of both a hive and a feudal society. They don't seem to need to eat, just to feed on pain and suffering, which they extract by building elaborate torture machines for captives.
  • Mynatids, big fricking space wasps that preyed on one of the major species in their history, could get worse by taking more from Thri-T'Kree.
  • Phyllax implant their seedlings under victims' skin, which in the course of killing the latter, absorb their memories. The plants can then make vegetable analogues of advanced weapons and (pretty scary) warships to spread through the spacelanes.

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