Combat Variations? , Combos, setups, finishers? in Rules & Errata
SanChristo Dec 25 2018, 01:58 Group: Heroes, Level 11 Quote Post
Has anyone tried spicing up the combat rules? If so, how so?

If two people with power martial arts go toe-to-toe, it seems like it's just a matter of rolling, but I'm brainstorming various alternatives.

For example, what if there were sub-skills under power martial arts? Maybe a jab does little damage but has a very high chance of success, or a roundhouse kick, which requires two turns of not being hit bud does tremendous damage, or a right hook haymaker that has a low chance of connecting, but--if it does--has a high chance of making the opponent fall down and lose their next turn. Any one tried anything like this or have any ideas for more stuff like this?
uncle_jimbo Jan 13 2019, 00:37 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I wouldn't mind working this out some time.

The GURPS Martial Arts general system, which SJG has used for other specific purposes, describes combinations as one kind of specific trained techniques of a style. This would probably require some elaboration (not the only possible treatment) of Alternity's skill, and/or Perks and achievement, system. Perhaps Alternity 2017 Talents would do this better.

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