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Thinking about programming robots, it occurred to me that software programs have a price listed, which each user has to pay, allowing programmers to make a living.

In the future, can you copy a computer program? As today, obviously, yes. Can you then run that program on your device? That might be the trick.

There might be a few pricing models:
  • VoidCorp programs (re-sold by the Rigunmors) require purchase of a unique software license for each device. A VoidCorp program can be installed and configured by a certified professional (an Allegiance) for a fee, as listed in the PHB for a hired Tech Op. If unlicensed or modified, the program won't run - it's just white noise.
  • Insight programs (often favoured by StarMech users and under consideration for endorsement by Concord agencies) require some skill to install. Members of development projects (another kind of Allegiance) maintain and progressively improve the code, gaining reputation by signing their updates. Because this is not Eclipse Phase, reputation works exactly like money.
  • Greyware programs are open code that is unsupported. Illegal programs are VoidCorp programs that have had their security broken. Both take some skill to locate (Street Smart, or take your chances on malware) and install (less than for open code), but more importantly, neither kind receives updates. This is bad because future programs are complicated and future hackers are busy, so vulnerabilities quickly appear, of Slight, Moderate or Extreme severity.

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