Techno-organic ships in Spaceships & Vehicles
uncle_jimbo Dec 7 2018, 01:27 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Thinking back recently to Galaga and Space Invaders itself, and to a different gaming reference to Kolob (Space Combat reviewed in Challenge #40), brought to mind a significant stream of references in science fiction to construction of ships and advanced devices that appear to be bio-technological, among them, Babylon 5, Farscape and our own Externals.

This is more than inclusion of meat and bone within a hardtech frame, interesting as that can be. "Organic" technology often supports space and FTL travel, provides and resists powerful energy weapons and has similar advanced capabilities. Often, vessels are described as living organisms and at least partly conscious.

I've mentioned elsewhere Mongoose's small supplement for biotech vehicles in Traveller, needed for their edition of 2300AD, which has done a lot with Pentapods. I might see how their concepts fit into Warships rules.

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