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RIP Stan Lee in General Zone
derek_holland Nov 12 2018, 19:29 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post

Was expecting this sooner or later, but it is still a major bummer. He had so many more MCU films to cameo in!
uncle_jimbo Nov 12 2018, 19:50 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
He did so much in his career. I think he made the comic industry better than he found it.
blacksunrunner Nov 12 2018, 23:36 Group: Heroes, Master of the Puniverse Quote Post
RIP Stan wub.gif
Guardian Nov 15 2018, 01:35 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
Tribute in Two Lumps.

I think I'll do just that, at least for the ones I have.
derek_holland Nov 16 2018, 19:50 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Apparently they had him do a variety of scenes for films that aren't even written yet just in case. So we shall be seeing him for a while longer.

I just wish he could have enjoyed all the MCU films up to his death. His vision and hearing were so bad for the last few years that he couldn't understand them.
Guardian Nov 17 2018, 05:10 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
And now Carl Sargent too. Somewhere, Kzin is pouncing on one of his favorite authors.

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