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Roll20 , Does anyone play Alternity on Roll20? in General Zone
Uncle_Jesse02 Nov 9 2018, 22:40 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post

I just created this account, although I've been a guest lurker for a little while. Does anyone on the forums play Alternity on Roll20? I've played a couple of games on Roll20, and it seems that there's plenty of people that are interested in learning this system and few people that know the system.

Alternity 1998 is my favorite game system, the mechanics just "make sense" to me. If you're looking to add people to the game, host some games on Roll20. I do most of my gaming on Roll20 because of my rural location. Roll20 is relatively easy to learn, and there's a big group of gamers looking to join a game.

Has anyone else had any experience with Alternity on Roll20?

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