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DrShocter Nov 5 2018, 17:39 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
San Christi asked about how people lost limbs in my Dark Heresy game, and how I balance encounters. The limbs question is easy, because the game uses an old school favorite, the Critical Hit Table. When a character loses all their hit points (wounds in DH) further damage caused them to progress down a chart of increasingly intense injuries. Everything from being dazed, to having their heads explode so hard that it injured the people around them. Character have fate points, which behave similar to last resort points except that a player can permanently reduce their potential maximum fate points by 1 (called burning a fate point) so that their character does not die from an injury. So far the count has been at least two legs and a head, although the fate pony burning saved my wife’s head.

As far as balancing encounters, I don’t worry about it too much. My players have some strong characters and a lot of assets, so I just go gonzo. The primary thing I concern myself with is activity. I make sure everyone is doing something interesting that accomplished goals, even if not fighting. I also watch the time and ensure any encounter never drags. Either it ends, or some new development evolves. If I plan something that could potentially cause a TPK, I allow for the capture of characters (I love a good jail break). So far with this group, it hasn’t happened. There is just too much winning.

Has anyone else run DH, especially the Haarlock Legacy modules? What was the experience like for your crew?
SanChristo Nov 13 2018, 00:13 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Doc, I'll forgive you for calling me San Christi because your game sounds awesome. If I can ever reassemble a crew, the campaign I'm working on will involve a lot of dismemberment and rescues.
DrShocter Nov 13 2018, 14:49 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
Crit fail on my proofreading check!

San CHRISTO, it does seem that players don’t mind losing hit points because they know that at some point they will be healed. Take an arm away and they have to cope with no duel wielding for awhile. #consequences

Then they get a better cybernetic arm...
SanChristo Nov 29 2018, 15:31 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Sorry for the slow response. I'm with you. Dismemberment seems to be the way to go.

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