Jurassic Forest of Dr. Moreau , Or just LOST in Species, Aliens, Xenoforms & Monsters
SanChristo Nov 3 2018, 01:09 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
At the end of my first session with a new crew, they crash landed their plane, and the cast of twelve PCs (played by 3 players) now find themselves in isolated woods with about 100 other passengers. I'm thinking of running a few sessions like a horror movie in which the woods are inhabited by creatures created in a nearby laboratory. Players will have to survive, protect the other passengers, and find a way out--which may include finding their way in to the lab.

One of the things I'm particularly interested in is tactical combat with interesting monsters. Any XCOM players here? I grew up on the series and LOVE the new stuff. One of the reveals will be that the creatures are all modified humans. I've attached one, a human made to resemble a spider through some pretty gruesome modifications.

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Guardian Nov 3 2018, 02:42 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
I think we have had one or two XCOM games here on the forums. Take a look in the Tombs to see if there's anything useful for you.

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