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> Do alienists have a place in Dark Matter?
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Alienists as in the Lovecraftian arcane casters in Beyond Science.

I know a lot of modern fantasy and science fiction can fit within the setting, but alienists infer something else. The existing aliens are more or less knowable and can interact with humans meaningfully. That doesn't gel well with a Lovecraftian universe.

So do they have a place and if so, how do they fit?
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To cross the streams a little, there's always the Ikrl. They fit pretty solidly into the Lovecraftian slot.
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Greets all,

I am sure Lovecraftian style alienists can fit in with the DarkMatter setting. Depending on how you interpret the data they might already be there ;-)

The Final Church and its connections with the Lucifians (is that the correct name?) and demons stink like alienists, dabbling in stuff they can't understand and pledging allegiance to masters who regard them as less than bacteria.

If I remember the DM back history correctly the Greys/Fraal had a nasty encounter with something out in the deep void between solar systems on their way to Earth. IIRC it destroyed (or forced the Fraal to) two of the three world ships. That's pretty bad-ass.... Anyone trying to communicate with THAT is definitely all his (its) rocker. Of cause Fraal being the idiots that they are have probably spawned one or two super-idiots who want to get in touch with the monster that ate two thirds of their kind and get it solve their local problems.

The Eloheim (sp?) are not classic Lovecraftian alien gods but they are (potentially) as incomprehensible, and their goals and power abilities are equally unknown. They have a slightly higher opinion of the humans who try to serve them than the Lucifiarians do of their servants.

Potentially whoever is driving the Sandman invasion(s) is also unknowable, incomprehensible and unstoppable by human agencies. There is a supplement (called Machine Dreams I think) that documents something of the machine civilization that the Sandmen are the foot soldiers and pyramid-building slave workers for. Whatever their masters might have planned is not good for humanity.

I can't remember enough about the Kinori. They do practice magic though, and have connections with some of the oldest and nuttiest human religions. That might make their magic adepts vulnerable to being recruited by dark forces from beyond the unknown.

Basically Lovecraftian style alienists, and the masters they represent can fit in anywhere so long as the GM manages to:

(a) let the players foil (or almost foil) the Evil Plot of the Week.
(aliensmarmy.gif give the players an increasing sense of impending, unstoppable doom,


© keep it fun.

Take care,

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There is also that monster at the end of Killing Jar that had psychic powers which would wipe out the PCs if they were not protected by the Mothmen shamans. I believe it was stated to just be a remnant of something that came from another dimension during a past dark matter high tide. Getting powers from that thing’s dimension would fit an alienist well.
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Of the novels, In Hollow Houses and By Dust Consumed have particularly cosmic themes while the Vril references of In Fluid Silence fit well with some of the Nazi occult interests of modern Mythos publications.
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