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SanChristo Oct 20 2018, 20:55 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
Hey folks,
Care to help me with some brainstorming?

On Wednesday, I'm planning on introducing Alternity to some new people: At least one has played D&D, another has only played video game RPGs, and another I don't think has ever done any kind of gaming at all.

Therefore, I'm trying to do several things:
  • Introduce the premise of role-playing
  • Introduce the specific mechanics of Alternity
  • Introduce the various character types
  • Provide a story that could be self-contained or could start something grand
  • Provide a story with clear stakes and purpose
  • Provide a degree of decision making while also providing clear direction

So, I figured, how about a hijacked airplane? I know it's a bit cliche, but I figure that may actually prove useful as players can pull ideas from movies they've seen.

I'm thinking there may be a whodunit element. Maybe a flight attendant is killed and no one knows who. Or maybe the food is poisoned or the cabin is gassed. Or maybe the pilots are incommunicado. Something like that so that characters know something's wrong but don't yet know who's to blame.

I'm also thinking of direct confrontations: An air marshal, an unruly passenger, and... you know... actual terrorists.

Characters may need to break into the cockpit or the cargo hold, fix broken radio or flight equipment, inspire other NPCs to join their cause, land a damaged airplane.

What else? Anyone got any cool ideas?
DrShocter Oct 26 2018, 04:11 Group: Heroes, Level 7 Quote Post
It sounds like you have an excellent intro adventure right there. You have a relatable premise which will help people who wonder “what am I allowed to do in this game?” You have a mixed bag of challenges which will allow all the PCs to have their moment and the players can see how challenges, combat, and complex skill checks resolve. Whatever they choose to do for a campaign, they will have a sense on how to accomplish it. Unless they all want to be psychics and super heroes, but at least they will know the essentials.
TerroX Oct 27 2018, 03:19 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
A regular airplane doesn't leave much space to move, but if it is a spaceship it could be large enough to have zones and maybe the control consoles are dynamic so that any station could be the piloting station as long as they have the access to do so, or need to investigate which station is currently the designated pilot station or some such.
SanChristo Oct 27 2018, 09:27 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
I like the way you're thinking with the multiple control stations. That's awesome.

Because of the campaign I'm running, I need to stick with an airplane, though I've made it a huge one.

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