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Lightning children are an idea I have been tinkering with for about 8 years now. I wanted to use the idea of spontaneous generation in Gamma World and first came up with the land demon, a critter that popped out of the ground anywhere. It was the result of nanites that had activated within the soil and turned the ground into a creature with non-standard biology.

The came lightning children, a similar idea with two differences. The can be made from any material and all are activated by an orbital station via a visible beam (the "lightning"). It allows those characters paying attention to know something is about to change or appear.

Though I did come up with stats for them in Mutant Future terms (you can find them in the alien subforum), the idea that they can be codified that way is silly. Each and every land demon and lightning child is the result of emergent complexity of a wide array of materials, from gasses and liquids to dead flesh and duralloy.

As for their behavior- anything is possible, but they aren't usually anything we would consider sane. They are the closest thing to a true alien that the players would encounter in the game.

Something else I have never considered is how a lightning child may be able to use its nanites. Doing so would mean that its durability would suffer as they are being used for something other than keeping the creature alive*. All of these uses are chemistry, so Chemical Gland and Material Transformation/Alter Atomic Composition would be the most likely mutations to represent this ability to manipulate the substances in and around the creature.

And then there is the possibility that some of the nanites survive the child's destruction and go on to do something thereafter. That could be anything from turning the corpse into a goo pool to reconstructing Mount Rushmore on a nearby cliff face. Did Washington always have horns?

* Once the process is done, the durability would return to normal a few phases later.
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