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Though not in the very first publications for Traveller - the design appeared in, and early adventures cite it from, the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society - the close escort design has appeared in scenarios again and again, and of course has made its way into our own Warships as a hull size. I might put forward a new introduction from the Union of Sol, very soon after GW I, perhaps originally the Mercury class, which has persisted not as literally the same design but as a family of similar warcraft through the decades (I might compare the expression "dreadnought"): fast, efficient, long-range, adaptable little ships (later examples edging up to corvette size, with different armour fit-outs), with a mixed armament of beams (of various types) and missiles (likewise), decent computers and sensors, a helpful sub-craft and capacity both to dock and land.

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In fact, they'll probably look a lot like the Alaundrin Lucre class statistically, though I might have a try at building one without referring to that example. Under GMG or Warships design assumptions, I don't think the launch is essential.
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Beryllium's glossary mentions
  • a Thuldan escort assigned to diplomatic duties
  • the Orion League Trinity class, designed as armed traders to protect other merchant ships in a convoy (Nomad might be one of this class)
  • a Concord squadron of drive cutters and escorts
  • as well as extensive use by the Exeat.
Corvettes, especially, and cutters are also common in similar roles.
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This could help pull together another discussion a little, though they'd have relatively minor effect in a full-scale shooting engagement.

I see I've made a different interpretation for a particular adventure's needs. Though also still reasonable, I think.

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