Kronocalypse in Tangents
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"The Kronocalypse has begun! Cavemen, wizards, sky pirates, and cyborgs must unite to stop an evil that threatens to destroy time itself."

The premise of tangents in collision has come up in a few other threads:

A temporal meteor is about to strike four ages of history. When it does it will link those times together, allowing travel between eras. The heroes are pulled through time and slowly learn to use gateways and soft spots between the ages to travel back and forth in time, but they are not the only ones who learn to do so, and some of the other time travelers have dangerous plans.

The Player's Guide's cover declares some Girl Genius influence.

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Inhabitants of the different eras offer a variety of interesting options, such as era-specific human abilities and felinoid bloodlines. Also replicants with guns. That'll end well.

Temporal Shard Affinity and Mastery start to grant some distinct attunement to the vagaries of the setting.

Some concepts that might be more widely useful:
  • Temporal synergy: Bonus points (would be Last Resorts or Hero Points in our terms) each have greater effect in specific eras - collect them all
  • Florp: A time-traveller's personal sequence of history, as distinct from time, experienced by everyone

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