Starcraft Broodwar lan party problems in Starcraft
johntimber Jun 22 2018, 07:35 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post

I have installed starcraft broodwar on two windows machines connected through a Netgear router. One machine is Win XP p3 766 w/ 256 mb of ram. the other is a pentium 200 mhrz w/ 32 mb of ram. Sys requirements for the game are p90 16 mb ram 80 mb hdd space. i installed ipx on both. They connect fine but game play is REALY Slow. Any ideas???

Please help.

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JSM3050 Jun 23 2018, 04:40 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I always had the best luck running it as a UDP connection for LAN games.

Also, that second system's processor is below the minimum recommended for XP (233 min/300+ recommended) and it only has half the recommended minimum RAM (64 min/128+ recommended) so it's having to juggle running the OS and the game, not to mention the network traffic coming in from the second machine.

If you can't improve/replace that second rig, you might have to drop to Win95 or Win98 to give the processor some "breathing room."

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