Essential Minutiae? in Rules & Errata
SanChristo Jun 15 2018, 14:52 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
Hey folks,
With a dozen sessions under our belts of basically playing with the "fast play" rules, my crew is pretty comfortable with the most basic game mechanics. So far, we've definitely erred on the side of simplicity instead of authenticity. The paired down version of the rules that we've used has worked well, but I'm curious if you all have found the more complex rules worthwhile.

[Please feel free to me make fun of us for all the rules we don't follow]

* Action checks and phases - We haven't used them at all. We basically just figure out who's initiating things and they go first, and every character gets a single action in a turn.
* Movement rates - We've just guestimated how far a character can move in a round.
* Resistance modifiers - We haven't used them at all, and people seem to miss plentyof the time. I can't imagine putting an additional two-step penalty on trying to punch someone.
* Range modifiers -
* Encumbrance -
* Ammunition and reloading -
* Stamina checks when characters are half-stunned or wounded.

What do you think? Are any or all of these worth adding? It seems like an awful lot of calculation that would slow things down, but if you all advocate for it, I'd try it out.

cobalt_phoenix Jun 15 2018, 15:12 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I would recommend adding in the following:

1.) Action checks. It can always make play more interesting when all of the PC's roll marginal results so the bad guys get the advantage.

2.) Movement rates. You don't have to use them hard, but it can help you to more reliably estimate during encounters.

3.) Range modifiers. This is just from my experience with fire arms, but it is pretty vital.

4.) Ammo & reloading. Same reason as above, and adding more variety in ammo types can let the players gain more versatility. You can also use it as hints (why do the bad guys have 300 crates of armor piercing ammo unless they plan to take on heavily armored targets).

All of the others I usually don't like to include. In the end, I would say it is up to you and your group to decide. If you aren't having fun, then they aren't worth it.
Guardian Jun 16 2018, 00:50 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
Encumbrance is a must, otherwise you end up with a player hauling heavy armour, three pistols, two rifles, a half dozen grenades and a backpack nuke.

*shoots disgusted look at Godzemo*

I don't use Action Checks any more. People just have that number of actions available each round.

Resistance Modifiers, range modifiers and everything else that flow into the step die essentially exist to push players into thinking about what they're doing. They will quickly notice that the idiots who stand out in the open and blaze away tend to die messily. This promotes 1) avoiding unnecessary fights and 2) using cover and armour. Movement rates mainly matter when time is critical (whether diving for cover or figuring out if you can make it to the computer core before security locks it down).
SanChristo Jun 17 2018, 16:24 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
That's helpful insight. Thanks, you two.
uncle_jimbo Aug 12 2018, 04:23 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
If range modifiers matter (heroes and bad guys decide to initiate combat at rifle or vehicle ranges), then they matter. If everything happens in space station corridors, they probably don't matter.

Generally, if you don't use one of the standard game mechanics, players can ignore the consequences of it and put their resources elsewhere. In Alternity 1998, particularly, this removes several checks and balances on min-maxing of ability scores, so I'd expect to see more of that when the group has a bit of experience.

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