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Author (uncle_jimbo @ Jun 11 2018, 11:22)
Some places are not what they seem:

Mossad runs a holiday village

The ocean world of Melusine orbiting Gamma Ceti B, though beautiful and life-rich, was never meant for humanity. The planet has little dry land, few metal deposits and its primordial dust cloud held just over a thousandth of the proportion of iodine in the Solar System, requiring Earth life to consume imported supplements constantly to thrive.

Melusine has appeared in news transmissions in recent years as the site of an audacious Thuldan Intelligence operation of the 24th century to smuggle mutant leaders, refugees and children from deep within Solar space to Imperial safety (their destination world, too, has its stories).

A key part of the action was an Ilkhan-class battlecruiser. Built around four very large ordnance arrays with a secondary battery of rapid-firing gauss guns, sacrificing much of its potential for engine size and armour, the ship's design choices made it a specialist unit in an ordinary battle fleet, but granted an unexpected boon: with the right choice of weapon loads, the warship's sensor trace looks exceedingly like a luxury liner. Subutai added larger hangars to carry several of the Empire's workhorse company-size landing craft.

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