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Edit, and here are all the issues for free-

"Wreck of the Pandora" and "Voyage of the Pandora", in order of publication (and, as might be expected, in reverse chronological order) might make a fun mini-campaign, exploring and capturing alien creatures on various newly-discovered planets with an array of helpful bots, before a deep-space disaster forces the crew to try to repair the ship while dealing with the escaped specimens.
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The document might look something like this, just straightening out the formats used across two articles (in fact, it looks as if such a product was published):

  • BSM Pandora
    • Landing Shuttle Prometheus
    • Expedition Rover
    • Escape Craft Epimetheus
  • Crew
  • Robots
  • Equipment
  • Exploration
  • Capturing Alien Lifeforms
  • Alien Settlements, Ruins and Artifacts
  • Interstellar Events

I could see, as I read through, if other issues included supplemental rules or if the "Alien City" game proposed in #6's Reader Survey eventuated.

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