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pab02 May 18 2018, 09:01 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
I've just read this thread over at Giant in the Playground's forums giving the poster's advice on running play-by-post rpg games. The tips include:
  • Momentum is everything
  • Indecision kills games
  • Encourage Action
  • Use block initiative
  • Don't waste time on niche stuff

I've paraphrased a couple of the headings for clarity. As an experienced D&D DM I can understand how this would apply and affect a game using that system, but I'm much less experienced with Alternity (I have a sporadic first proper campaign ongoing that is played when we can meet in-person). A couple of questions then:

1) The block initiative point is about simplifying initiative down to blocks or teams - all PCs together and then all NPCs alternative from then on. For D&D this works well enough, but can't see that working for Alternity's phased initiative steps.

2) The niche stuff point is about avoiding focusing or delaying the flow of the game too often on stuff only one character can do - such as too much in-Grid action if only one player has Grid access. This sounds like good advice, it is certainly a common problem in other rpg's such as Shadowrun.

More generally I wondered if any GMs here had specific advice they would add or amend from this post when running Alternity games via PBP? I'm talking about the original Alternity system here in case that wasn't obvious. It's something I'd be interested in giving a go in the summer, but would like to gauge the system's suitability for this style of play...
Guardian May 19 2018, 04:15 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post

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