Attacking with two melee weapons in Equipment, Cybertech and Weapons
Lazarus May 4 2018, 14:36 Group: Heroes, Amazing Hero Quote Post
In Alternity there's a +4 step penalty for using two weapons in an attack. I think that applies to both melee & ranged weapons. Most RPG systems apply penalties when using 2 weapons, I believe. While I wouldn't recommend firing two pistols at the same time because you can't use both sights at the same time, I think, with training, a PC can learn to use 2 weapons in an attack without any penalty.

I've been training Filipino Kali martial arts for a few years now & in this system we often train with 2 sticks or 2 knives or knife & stick (espada y daga). The stick can also represent a machete or tomahawk. With proper training, fighting with 2 melee weapons becomes very effective. For example, both weapons can be used interchangeably as shield & weapon for simultaneous attack/defense or multiple attacks in very quick succession. In actual combat and sparring, Filipinos have used 2 weapons quite effectively.

In Western fighting arts, using 2 weapons is uncommon but then again using sword & shield is in effect using 2 weapons. The shield can use used to both block & attack. And in Renaissance fencing, using rapier & parrying dagger (main gauche) was taught in fencing schools.

For untrained PCs I can see the logic of a penalty for using 2 weapons. But I think if the PCs get training in using 2 melee weapons, the GM should remove the penalty for using 2 weapons in combat.

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cobalt_phoenix May 4 2018, 15:02 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I can see allowing a penalty reduction to be a rank benefit for offensive and/or defensive martial arts skills.

I will say, though, that there is at least one weapon in Alternity that doesn't suffer penalties: the T'sa knives introduced in S*D's AEG. They are sold and used as a pair, one for each hand.
SanChristo May 25 2018, 17:21 Group: Heroes, Level 8 Quote Post
Author (Lazarus @ May 4 2018, 14:36)
While I wouldn't recommend firing two pistols at the same time because you can't use both sights at the same time..

I know it's dumb, but it's also so cinematic!
RobJN May 26 2018, 09:09 Group: Heroes, Xenoform Quote Post
The penalty is +2/+4 to primary/secondary, but can be reduced to +0/+2 with the Ambidextrous perk.

One might argue that taking the perk at character creation means the hero has trained extensively in dual-wielding before the campaign begins, while taking the perk later as an Achievement would simulate in-game training.

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