Last Resort Points , tossing out ideas for LRPs in Rules & Errata
Myridian Apr 25 2018, 17:30 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
This is a variation on one of my house rules for original Alt. It comes from an amalgam Hero Points concepts, the old Last Resort points, the first new alt playtest, my own use of 7th Sea drama dice and advantage/ disadvantage in the Frontier Space rpg.

I like the skill benefits as presented in Frontier Space, but many of them refer to that system's advantage/ disadvantage mechanic, which is specific to that system's d% mechanic and doesn't translate to Alternity.

For your consideration:
Last Resort Points can be spent for a number of specific effects.

* Do max damage/effect at the degree of success you have achieved with your regular roll (Spent)
* Receive minimum damage/effect at the degree of success your opponent rolled
* Eliminate disadvantage to a roll (Spend the point, no need to roll)
* Provide Advantage to one of your rolls
* Provide disadvantage to an opponent's roll.

Advantage: Roll the Control die and the Situation die and subtract the result of a d10 roll from the total.
Disadvantage: Roll the Control die and the Situation die and add the result of a d10 roll to the total.
The decision to use an LRP can be made after the Situation die/Control die total is calculated.

Free agent:
* Give 1 LRP to another hero.
* Can spend 2 LRP to change a disadvantage that affects the Hero to an advantage.
* Can spend 2 LRP to change an advantage held by an opponenet to a disadvantage.
* Can spend 1 LRP to affect provide advantage or disadvantage to another.

(This may read a little rough, I'm at work and they keep interrupting me!)
Myridian Apr 26 2018, 14:30 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
Format is fighting me! Will tidy it later...

More details:
LRPs refresh for free each adventure, additional ones are given for Good Gaming and can be bought with stored XP on the fly. Stored LRPs are twice the refresh.(?)

Per                 Refresh LRP                                                         Cost per
7 or less                          -                                                3         can still earn LRP in game
8-10                                   1                                                 2
11-12                                 2                                                 2
13-14                                 3                                                1
15+                                        4                                                1

LRP max refresh achievement cost: Increases your refresh LRP (all professions have the same cost)
LRP                Increase Level                                           additional max refresh LRP cost
First                                 3rd                                        5
Second                        6th                                 10
Third                                9th                                 15
Fourth                        12th                                 20

I'll be checking Destiny points for Frontier Space for additional spends of LRPs

How much do people use LRPs in your games? Is this too powerful/ too easy? I don't quite give them out like candy, but I am pretty free with them as bennies.

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Guardian Apr 27 2018, 03:43 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
I honestly cannot remember anyone using a LRP in my games. I think I may have used maybe three in about twenty years.
Myridian Apr 27 2018, 16:40 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
In the early days, since they cost xp, players wouldn't want to waste them and usually ended up forgetting them. Once I made the move to "drama dice" inspired by 7th Sea and given out like Savage World's bennies they picked up. OK, not as ubiquitous as bennies, but I used tokens (Crystal Caste d10s) and having something physical seemed to help trigger their use.

I think the game runs fine without them honestly, they aren't as crucial to the skill economy and just add a little more oomph when the chips are down.

I'm seeing more games with advantage/disadvantage and bennie type metagame mechanics and was wondering what people thought about them.
-may need to rethink the max # are probably too high.
uncle_jimbo Apr 27 2018, 20:41 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Author (Myridian @ Apr 28 2018, 03:40)
I think the game runs fine without them honestly, they aren't as crucial to the skill economy and just add a little more oomph when the chips are down.

It has an effect on the flavour of the game, I think. More player resources to shift results (giving them to GM characters needs a bit of thought) encourages a high-action, generally light-hearted game with lots of improbable things going on. For a planetary romance setting, I tested giving probably more points, refreshing per session, with more ways to use them (including bidding) and some mechanics to put them in jeopardy.

I could mention that the probability of checks in Alternity 1998 generates quite a few failures and (by design) success isn't guaranteed at any level of skill. A GM or adventure writer could (probably should) consider this in a few ways, such as making bonuses available, constraining penalties and not letting any one failure derail the adventure for the whole group. Giving and assuming use of LRPs is another useful adjustment.

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