Colonial cuisine , was Punktown in Homemade Settings, World Building & Galaxy Construction
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Earlier (or in combination) there's plenty that could be useful for cultural colour in particular spots. I noticed the variety of Southeast Asian restaurants, with a particularly fun description of a lapo.

I've thought from time to time about interesting kinds of foods, eateries and eating-related customs that might develop as humans and our allies spread across many planets.

Some of these might be recognisable from particular nations of Earth and other homeworlds, in surprising combinations determined by the individuals of the first small crews and settlements. Many worlds might develop remarkable new combinations, maybe generated by national influence - with a chance to pick twice or more - main meat or other ingredient, flavour and cooking method.

Some might be political, philosophical or aesthetic choices, while elsewhere grim necessity at first might found a tradition that later generations looked back on with pride and appreciation.

Early colonies in turn could spread their developing traditions to new places that they settled or influenced, and back to the core worlds.

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Exported food products might become famous across trade-linked regions of settled space, such as canned and processed meats, sauces and particularly beverages (original source).

Somewhere in the Stellar Ring should produce some equivalent to Irn Bru. More in the spacer tradition, I've mentioned Tang elsewhere.

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