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SanChristo Feb 22 2018, 11:26 Group: Heroes, Level 3 Quote Post
Last night, I GMed Alternity for the second time. Players snuck into a quarantined city, invaded a hospital, and T-boned a prison transport all in an attempt to save a character's niece. Looks like this will now be a regular Wednesday thing for four of us. I've got a bunch of questions--some technical questions, some just curiosities.

1) First and foremost, I'm looking for combat advice. Thus far, players have generally coasted through combat. I want it to be high stakes with the genuine potential for characters to die. Got advice or resources?

2) How often do you all play?

3) Tell me about your group. How big is it? How consistent is it--same people regularly or do some change out?

4) Typically, does each player just control one character or more? My crew has been controlling two characters each for the sake of a larger party.

5) What sort of stories do you all delve into? Our campaign is in the near future. In the first adventure, players escaped the establishment of martial law in their hometown, then discovered that the local government is claiming that there was a viral outbreak and that the city must be quarantined. Players have now become something like resistance fighters--sort of a cross between Transmetropolitan and Star Wars: Rebels. How about you all?

6) Lastly, I've got plenty (too many) story ideas, but I could use any other advice you all have for GMing. For example, are there specific rules that you think are either essential or worth ditching?

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derek_holland Feb 22 2018, 20:38 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
1) You should go through the rules and equipment subforums for ideas on combat and new weapons and armor.

2) Long time ago. sad.gif

3) N/A

4) I never allowed more than one hero at one time, but did allow multiple heroes per player. Made it easy for replacements as well as more specialized characters for specific kinds of adventures.

5) Exploration and survival. You will see my name in the Gamma World subforum so often for a reason.

6) Well, that is difficult to say without a better understanding of your setting and your GMing style.

Also note that a new version (not edition) of Alternity will be released sometime this year.
uncle_jimbo Feb 22 2018, 21:05 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
1. As in modern and SF games more generally, you might find a strong melee attacker causes a surprising degree of problems - targeting a resistance that isn't favoured by most PCs and doing big damage that starts knocking people down. I've seen Alternity PCs mow through multiple light to moderately tough enemies, which is not necessarily a bad thing, if the GM has plenty more.

2-3. I ran a couple (edit: now I think about it, three) in-person sessions with prepared adventures for three or four players, and a longer-running Dark.Matter Play by e-Mail that ramped up to three groups dealing with loosely related storylines. Online play saw a lot of people leaving or wanting to start in comparison to the pace of play, which still seems to be the case now in different systems and media.

4. A large party will have an easier time, particularly when they all act in coordination. I haven't run a game myself with more than one character in the same party, but I see interesting possibilities in a player having more than one character with different roles.

5. My Dark.Matter game involved chasing trails of clues to past events with periodic encounters, eventually running into creatures. Players brought about several events, from my perspective, mostly by their own choices - which also seems to be a common experience of other GMs, as others may remember from the Quickie Mart Massacre story.

6. I found handling of Achievement Points was pretty important - what you choose to reward and how steadily you want players to see advancement and new options.

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Guardian Feb 23 2018, 02:39 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
As towards your number six, you might want to read this thread: Granted, it focuses on forum games, but some of the advice will be generally applicable.

As towards the combats, you might want to keep a game log and see if a specific issue pops up. Sometimes it's just a matter of dice rolls being better for one player.

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