Straships design examples and the re-entry capsule , Re-entry capsules has room for 1 person in Spaceships & Vehicles
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Morning CP,

Author (cobalt_phoenix @ Jan 29 2018, 03:40)

You know, I honestly don't remember which thread that was in.  Hmm.  Good enough!

I did try to find where the Columbia was discussed and as usual I could not find the entries. I guess I may have to start making copies of my posts.

That sounds interesting, if nothing else.  I guess they never decided to fire at Columbia.

The Columbia engaged in a desperate defensive action to save the orbital habitat being used as a base. The shuttle took damage that was repairable and then became the cavalry when the back-up base came under attack that caught all the other shuttles on the ground.

Of interesting note, you should check out this interview with Charles F. Bolden.  He worked at NASA for years as an astronaut and engineer, including work on the heat shield for the shuttles.

About a quarter of the way down the page, you run into him saying this (emphasis is mine):

Interestingly, never in my memory—and I’ve been through my notebooks and everything—never did we talk about the reusable carbon-carbon, the RCC, the leading edge of the wing, leading edge of the tail, and the nose cap itself. Nobody ever considered any damage to that because we all thought that it was impenetrable. In fact, it was not until the loss of Columbia that I learned how thin it was. I grew up in the space program. I spent fourteen years in the space program flying, thinking that I had this huge mass that was about five or six inches thick on the leading edge of the wing. And, to find after Columbia that it was fractions of an inch thick, and that it wasn’t as strong as the Fiberglas on your [Chevrolets] Corvette, that was an eye-opener, and I think for all of us.

So, yeah, spacecraft can actually get away with having hull sections that are weaker than normal civilian ground vehicles.

Thank you for the link which shows you how much we take somethings for granted.
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That sounds like a cool setup, myrpg. That's one of those where the players are always saying "I can't catch a break today".

And yeah, the computers could be better handled. Admittedly, leaving it vague gives the GM options, but it can be a serious headache at times.

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Hello again CP,

Technically a fire-suppression system is considered to be part of damage control that can activated manually, automatically, or manually. My guess is that the fire-suppression system is subsumed in the Damage Control (PL 6) description on GMG p. 149.

Since there are no real spacecraft to check out and any real world systems would only be be similar there is no use in my agreeing or disagreeing with the suggested solution for the Alternity missing specification on fire suppression systems.

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