What is the cost of a Marginal Computer Core? , Gamemaster Guide Computer Systems cost in Spaceships & Vehicles
SonarTom Jan 12 2018, 04:05 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Howdy Guardian

Author (Guardian @ Jan 12 2018, 03:08)

Well, it helps if you remember the Computers section was written by English majors in the late 90s. We've had a few hundred generations of evolution since then.

Tom, have you hit our Downloads or Resources sections yet? If not, you might want to scope out Foundry and Cosmos.

Heck, Traveller has been out of date with computers pretty much from the start.

Yes, I've hit the Downloads and Resource Center and found loads of goodies which I'm picking and choosing to save on my computer.

Thank you for the reply
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