Tangent Anglers in Species, Aliens, Xenoforms & Monsters
derek_holland Jan 6 2018, 14:49 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
The idea of creatures that can reach into one universe from another goes back at least to Lovecraft (the dimensional shambler) and could use an examination for use in Alternity. In this case I want to restrict the initial conversation to those species that grab objects or other organisms and drag them into the angler's reality.

First can you think of any examples in media, written fiction or gaming that would be a worthwhile addition to Alternity?
cobalt_phoenix Jan 6 2018, 15:35 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
The Dimensional Horror is very similar to what you seem to be thinking of. It can also be used as a good reference point on how such creatures would function in Alternity.
Guardian Jan 7 2018, 01:17 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
There are the fetches, who drag you to an alternate plane (or your soul in some tales).
derek_holland Jan 7 2018, 15:21 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
For objects, there is an advantage/power from GURPS that is perfect. Snatcher allows the character to steal items from other universes, though they are usually different enough to be not confused with the "real thing", and thus have little or no monetary value. Of course adding modifiers changes this (Powers goes into what and how).

All I could think of at first was packrats that collect American coins with presidents and dates that make no sense at all to those in the rodents' home tangent.

It also works well for dragons that steal and study magic and technology to increase their personal power. Half-dragon offspring armed with laser rifles and mini missile launchers (with magically enhanced ammo) would definitely get the heroes' attention.
Guardian Jan 8 2018, 02:46 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
Oh yeah, there's ethereal filchers too.
derek_holland Jan 11 2018, 14:56 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
One of my favorite stories by Clark Ashton Smith is all about anglers. The Hunters from Beyond are entities from a distant reality that can dip into that of Earth's because their attention is drawn by an artist who has found a way to look into other universes.

Coraline, book and film, has an angler as the villain.

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