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Punktown RPG is well beyond "on track", but getting close to release now. Punktown is a dirty, often nightmarish, post-colonial city of a human race who have colonised various alien planets and dimensions, beset by sleaze, violence, cultic sorcery and eldritch horrors.

Kalians are grey-skinned humanoids (or more simply, humans) who worship the demon-god Ughiuttu, destroyer and creator of all life. A more moderate sect are distinguished by the colour of their turbans, though the blue and red-turbaned Kalians will disagree which ones are the dangerous heretics, causing much confusion.

The sourcebook describes the manifestation of Ughiuttu's temple, or avatar, that sounds much more like a piece of frighteningly advanced biotechnology and interacts with human biotech (used to make cheap housing blocks) in a physical way.

I might talk about the drug Purple Vortex and its manufacture in context of another development.

The author of the original series, Jeffrey Thomas, has been particularly involved with the RPG. I don't think you would often see a sourcebook publishing an original story based on the RPG cover art.

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