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> Equipping Star*Drive Characters
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I was reading through some of the former Living Verge pages, which give guidelines for character creation for organised play, including adjusted starting equipment purchases. As for languages, local knowledge skills and careers, it might be useful to set down specifics for the setting.

It enriches narrative and plot when a character's physical possessions suggest details of his history, expertise and personal interests.

Likewise, it helps game play when a character has what he needs to benefit from his skills, without overpowering intended challenges or causing problems for the rest of the party, and perhaps also keeping him keen for improved gear to drive engagement with adventures.

Well, no doubt we know what equipment is for.

On reflection, I agree with LV disallowing signature equipment for careers. Depending on the campaign opening, many characters won't start the game practicing their listed career but instead trying to make a living as civilians, as members of a particular group or even as vagabonds or prisoners.

Random or equal starting cash is easy, but doesn't necessarily serve the purposes that I mentioned. In some ways giving mostly standard or skill-based items, a few background-based items (perhaps for homeworlds), a budget for a few things he might have picked up on his travels, a set of issued gear for the starting adventure and, finally, a small amount of cash on hand might work better.

A limit on the level of restriction of starting gear restrains purchase of high-powered items and motivates players to get better stuff through play. This could be one factor adjusted by backgrounds such as stellar nations or homeworlds. In this context, it's interesting to see Marybelle's different settlements differ not only in description but also in mechanical treatment of gear availability.

Allegiances available for starting characters might provide them with items of gear, as well as other adjustments.

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