Blood , Fantasy of the south in Tangents
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Michael Moorcock's Blood mentions his concept, seen elsewhere in his work (earlier and later, at least in our timeline) of scale or levels of reality, in which a region of the multiverse might be created by the games of another, yet strange technologies can pierce between them.

Reading on: It's far from certain - unlikely, even - that other tangent travellers the heroes meet will share their goals and principles. A Nazi or Granbretanian, Qin or Assyrian may show competence in roving the dimensions. Desperate times form strange alliances, for a while.

Not to assume Paul Minct as a Granbretanian - edit(2): his (hyper-)real identity is becoming apparent.

The race of swiplings and skimlimgs, skiplings or merely skimplings (in their various political allegiances) travel the cloudy ether as more-or-less equals to the ships of the slightly more familiar Chaos Engineers. Some have described them as angels in their diamond insectile carapaces and energy fields, though they consider themselves, also, human.

Now, like a phase (or a hand) of FATE, the Rose enters the narrative.

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'I speak of that life which is deadly, which exists only to devour and breed. Yes, and which we define as the Original Insect, inimical to our kind. It would reduce all life and thought to a few primitive functions, forever frozen in its development, thus achieving a kind of semi-immortality. But that is only death refusing the name...'

Law as Good and Chaos as Evil was always an over-simplification, very much so in this version. I certainly haven't read all of his work, but this is as far towards an ultimate antagonist as I've seen.

I don't know it for a fact, but I'd be surprised if China Mieville hadn't read this passage.

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The godlike identities of higher scales themselves have something like a god: Spammer Gain, a sentient ethership ascended to an arbiter between Law and Chaos (in their guises on this level), forming her own school of intelligent beings in her wake. Some Mindjammer planeship therapy mechanics might come into play here.

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In a RPG sourcebook, the Rose should certainly be an Amazing Supporting Cast Member (Jack, Sam, Colinda and Paul Minct, being archetypes, should be Good quality if not heroes).

Her most notable ability is to be "the greatest ether pilot since Renark of the Rim", suggesting high ranks in superspace navigation and superspace theory. It's not clear whether she's actually played the Zeitjuego and due to certain events, I might rate her a little lower in navigation than theory, say 8 and 9 ranks respectively. She displays a fine ability with water vehicles, perhaps more natural aptitude than especially high skill ranks. In her background, she certainly has extensive knowledge of Techno-Organic Science (The Externals) supported by Life Science. In roving the world of the Biloxi Fault, she should have picked up respectable skill in hardtech, Technical Science for vehicles and Computer Science for gaming machines.

The Rose's weapon is Swift Thorn and she boasts that she needs no other, though from time to time she has probably had to stoop to using a pistol or ship's weaponry. The weapon is described as a wand, but may leave wounds that can be mistaken for a rapier. She seems at least slightly intelligent. The Rose's appropriate skill might be blade or even powered weapons.

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