Economic Systems in Equipment, Cybertech and Weapons
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The Mindjammer Companion expands on resource distribution in the many worlds, with a range, partly a sequence (not in the order below) of systems:
  • Barter
  • Confiscation
  • Disinterested Resource Allocation
  • Interested Resource Allocation (at least partly favouring an elite or a political strategy)
  • Unregulated Money Economy (Example: The Q-Zone pirate base of Gamelan Belt. Typical aspect: Greed is Good)
  • Regulated Money Economy
  • Planned Economy (starts working better at higher tech levels)
Star*Drive exhibits several of these, with a considerably different base assumption. A Star Trek derived setting would have a different distribution again.

This source adds rules for the actual effect of each system, starting by adjusting the difficulty (time and cost) of acquiring goods of particular bands of value beyond Necessary goods (Barter and Unregulated Money require checks for those, many of the others don't). In Alternity terms this would sit alongside, as well as interacting with, Law Level, Civilisation Level, PL, Wealth and Authority.

A paragraph describes Trading with Money Economies if you're coming from a more advanced system, such as the Commonality.

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An interesting (and recent, uploaded this week) video for you, Jimbo, concerning this topic.

Interplanetary Trade

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