Fictional world events , was Veyshnoria in Tangents
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Invented country popular with Belarusians

A country invented as part of military exercises in Belarus has caught the imagination of locals, who have created a foreign ministry, flag, history and even its own Wikipedia page for the fictional nation.

Veyshnoria is one of three states made up for the Zapad 2017 military drills, which - according to the scenario - seek to invade Belarus and sow discord between Minsk and Moscow.

The map of the exercise, made public during the General Staff briefing on 29 August, shows Veyshnoria in the north-western regions of today's Belarus, with Vesbaria and Lubenia lying in Lithuania and Poland, the Nasha Niva website reports.


Political historian Pavel Usov, blurring reality and fiction on his Facebook page, said that "Veyshnoria is a peaceful democratic country which has never been aggressive towards its neighbours.

"It is likely that Moscow provoked a conflict between Minsk and Giradis (the capital of Veyshnoria) in order to fully establish control over Belarus and not allow Veyshnoria to join NATO and the EU," he said, reflecting on the real-world tensions surrounding Ukraine's desire to link with the West.


The online activity around Veyshnoria mostly centres around the satirical Twitter account of its "foreign ministry", @Vaisnoria_MFA.

Tweeting in Belarusian and Russian, the ministry expressed concern over the "concentration of Belarusian military equipment outside Veyshnoria's borders", declared a partial mobilisation and exchanged pleasantries with the parody account of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It also promised "stew, honey, bread and lard" to Belarusian soldiers who choose to surrender, and announced an entry ban on the Belarusian chief of the General Staff, Aleh Belakonew.

A separate website was set up for Belarusians wishing to apply for Veyshnoria citizenship, with hundreds applying for the imaginary country's passport.

I've come across some NATO examples with similar levels of detail on other lists.

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Covfefe is the unofficial beverage of Nambia

Trump spoke of “Nambia” in his opening remarks, before saying "Nambia’s health system is increasingly self-sufficient" during the event, at the Palace Hotel in New York.

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Certainly not the first, but a complex and influential fictional example:

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

Another school declares that all time has already transpired and that our life is only the crepuscular and no doubt falsified and mutilated memory or reflection of an irrecoverable process .. Another, that the universe is comparable to those cryptographs in which not all the symbols are valid and that only what happens every three hundred nights is true.

Weird Adventures mentions an Uqbarish taxi driver whose chatter a customer should avoid attending to, as he is slyly beginning to manifest his so far imaginary country in the setting's reality.

Perhaps I should be more careful.

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The fearsome kotahi appears in Japanese folklore.

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