Planescape/Star*Drive Crossover PBP Campaign in Online Game requests and announcements
FaerieGodfather Aug 5 2017, 02:13 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
Apologies if this isn't welcome here, since I am not using the Alternity rules... but since I am using one of the official Alternity settings I thought it might be of interest.

I am looking for players for a crossover campaign between the Planescape and Star*Drive settings-- each player will control a PC in each universe as the two slowly merge. Because the two settings don't really have any good systems in common, I plan on running using the Barbarians of Lemuria rules which are available for free online.
cobalt_phoenix Aug 5 2017, 05:19 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I've got to ask how you actually achieve that. Are you imagining drivespace becoming the Outlands and the colony worlds of the Verge becoming the various plains of existence? What about the stellar ring, are you thinking that will morph into the prime material plane? Obviously, this may not be a perfect description for the game, but any info you can provide would be helpful.

Also, how are you wanting to play the campaign?
FaerieGodfather Aug 5 2017, 05:29 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
Our galaxy occupies one Prime Material Plane, of which there are an infinite number. As it becomes... reconnected to the rest of the multiverse, it develops connections to the other planes as would a typical Prime.

I am reckoning that play-by-post is the best format, so will be playing on Myth Weavers.
cobalt_phoenix Aug 5 2017, 06:30 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
So it could also tap into some of the Dark Matter campaign concepts (an ebb and flow between various dimensions, all thanks to dark matter).
FaerieGodfather Apr 29 2018, 11:56 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
I am trying this again, using the Cortex Prime rules, on Myth-Weavers.
FaerieGodfather Apr 30 2018, 08:30 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
Also, regardless of whether I run it in Cortex Prime or my d20 hack, no system experience is necessary-- nor is experience with the Planescape setting.

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