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uncle_jimbo May 16 2017, 02:35 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Issue 87 has an update of an original adventure that might be fun to adapt. I'll refer to Double Adventure 3 for some further background.
uncle_jimbo Jun 3 2017, 09:59 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I'm finding some differences between Classic and Mongoose Traveller rules. The basic intention seems straightforward, though, and I should keep the conversion simple since I next have to run a number of variations on it.
uncle_jimbo Jul 3 2017, 10:54 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
The station is a Laboratory Ship, a feature of the Traveller setting and character creation system. That is, players can get hold of one, so it needed stats early in the game's history. Its combat stats and even its movement probably won't come into play, so it might be easy enough to call it a Light Platform (Warships Chapter 6, 150 Hull Points). If its nature as a movable ship seems interesting, a certain level of research activity in the setting might justify something smaller, built on a civilian starship hull. Comparing a couple of other Traveller standards, it might be as small as a Hauler.

These two options have a roughly similar listed crew requirement that fits rather well with the needs of the scenario.

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