Scenery by the Highways of Time in Tangents
uncle_jimbo Apr 23 2017, 00:00 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Many modes of transit through superspace involve apparent physical travel over land, water or through outer space. Through mishaps, other tangent-crossing vehicles (the larger the better) might have broken down, crashed or been abandoned along well-used routes and appear as wrecks.

Similar possibilities include enormous skeletons of time-lost beasts or roadside establishments founded by former travellers.

Tangent natives may or may not be able to see, recognise or use such locations.
uncle_jimbo Apr 23 2017, 06:12 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Buildings and vehicles from other times and planes seem a bit of a theme of Dungeon of Signs, with resources like The Fallen Throne and Wreck of the Anubis.

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