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I think I've said enough about Mindjammer that everyone should go out and buy whatever Sarah Newton writes as soon as she chooses to give it to the world. That said, my interest in the upcoming Core Worlds sourcebook jumped noticeably with a little preview map of Earth.

Science fiction settings have described many different future states of our Earth, whether lost, wrecked or greatly changed. Earth often becomes the site of the next stage in our species' history, for which few in the setting are prepared. Our homeworld, if no other, calls for a detailed account of its future history and the oddities of its inhabitants.

Alien species may refer to their home planet as "the ground" as well, so in some circumstances characters may have to clarify when they mean "the earth of humans".

It may even happen that the place everyone calls Earth isn't the actual birthplace of humanity at all, but the real Earth lies elsewhere, hiding secrets.
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Besides the many planets of the solar system, Earth itself offers adventure in the style of early SF:

Space 1889: City at the Centre of the Earth
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Challenge #36 contains a threat to Earth in the far future for Megatraveller, "The Green Hills of Earth". The action happens in New York and Virginia.

Over the setting's history, the planet has been threatened with invasion by the First Imperium of interstellar humans, taken part in the Second Imperium ruled by Earth humans (Solomani) though not as the capital, passed a period of barbarism within a reduced sphere of control, been retaken at great cost and held in later wars by the Third Imperium, has recently been reacquired by the Solomani and stands threatened by an enemy with even older roots.

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The Wandering Earth doesn't disappoint. (Even) I'm not sure of a worthwhile use for statistics of the mechanics of such a project, or for its cost. The time taken is relevant and just depends on the acceptable peak velocity. Some of the infrastructure might feature in playable events, in which case the Mountain-class Engines are probably a size category larger than described by Warships.

It's the worst disaster in the lifetime of the Earth - the narrator refers to the surface as Mars-like before the voyage has really got started. Human population would drop to the low millions provided they survived arrival at Proxima Centauri. I wondered at first if he meant Alpha, but it must be just too difficult and risky to navigate to a stable orbit in a binary system. As it is, they'd probably have to settle for a tidally locked rotation, given how much closer they would have to go to the star. The continents would probably remain recognisable, though a bit, or a lot, tilted, with sea level back to before, give or take a kilometre or so.

In particular regions of the planet it might even be possible to dig down to recognisable Ante-Solar ruins.

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