Earth , Manhome in Homemade Settings, World Building & Galaxy Construction
uncle_jimbo Apr 11 2017, 00:32 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I think I've said enough about Mindjammer that everyone should go out and buy whatever Sarah Newton writes as soon as she chooses to give it to the world. That said, my interest in the upcoming Core Worlds sourcebook jumped noticeably with a little preview map of Earth.

Science fiction settings have described many different future states of our Earth, whether lost, wrecked or greatly changed. Earth often becomes the site of the next stage in our species' history, for which few in the setting are prepared. Our homeworld, if no other, calls for a detailed account of its future history and the oddities of its inhabitants.

Alien species may refer to their home planet as "the ground" as well, so in some circumstances characters may have to clarify when they mean "the earth of humans".

It may even happen that the place everyone calls Earth isn't the actual birthplace of humanity at all, but the real Earth lies elsewhere, hiding secrets.

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