Humans of the Future in Species, Aliens, Xenoforms & Monsters
derek_holland Mar 25 2017, 18:23 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
One of the annoying things in the GMG (or is it the PH?) is the chart that indicates the only change in humans is lifespan. Of course that is bunk, and it doesn't mean that the rules would have to change with the advancement of technology. What a Will score of 12 means in 1850 and 2250 could be very different yet are mechanically identical in play.

So what changes do you think humanity will undergo even without much biotech tinkering?
cobalt_phoenix Mar 26 2017, 01:27 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I can see changes in skill standards, which would be obvious.

Most of what you are noting is more societal/cultural, rather than biological. You're right that a Will score of 12 could have different meanings after a couple of hundred years, but I would think that has less to do with the ability itself and perhaps more to do with the skills associated with the score. Remember that the abilities are given very broad definitions on purpose, while the skills attached to those abilities are much more narrow.

If 200 years in the future, the world has gone to hell and then some (take, for an example, a post-apocalyptic hellscape), would the Administration skill matter as much as Street Smart?

What if, instead, the computers of 200 years in the future made humans instantly aware of everything (everyone has small holo balls floating around their heads providing instant feed from the internet and their surroundings, and they are sitting on platforms that bring them where ever they desired safely), would the Awareness skill (which is associated with someone being able to detect something unusual, either through tangible or intangible means) be common among humans? Remember, the people are given all of the information they could possible desire by their computer servants, and thus may not need to process the data at all (the conclusions are determined by AI software).
derek_holland Mar 26 2017, 18:22 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
True, technological advancement will have a very strong influence on human development.

It also brings up the difficulties in a Tangents campaign where the heroes are PL 7 and they are exploring PL 1-3 Earths. They simply may not be able to understand the natives because they are so different.
uncle_jimbo Apr 25 2017, 08:32 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
We could easily describe differences in the personal qualities and approaches (Personality) that allow one person to befriend or persuade another, over various cultural divides, including, though hardly limited to, Progress Levels.

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