Stop the world , I want to get off in Tangents
uncle_jimbo Mar 5 2017, 04:43 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Yes to Trump. Yes to Brexit. Yes to peace in Northern Ireland. Yes to breaking up the Soviet Union.

If some people have tangent travel technology at moments when everything seems to be going wrong for them, do they escape to alternate tangents where things are more to their liking? What effects do they have there, or if they still have ways to return to our timeline?

Does this have any noticeable effect on the strength and distinctiveness of the historical shift - that is, do events become more definite when those who might apply wealth and high technology to oppose them can leave the timeline instead, taking resources with them, or when travellers from other tangents come here to enjoy and reinforce developments that they agree with?
cobalt_phoenix Mar 5 2017, 05:23 Group: Heroes, Status +10 Quote Post
I can also see an aspect of this where they come back later to "correct the mistake". For the most obvious example, Nazis returning from an alternate tangent where they gained new equipment/technologies so they could win the war at a later time.

The same groups you are noting could, in fact, also go to a new tangent, where their ideology spreads to cult-like levels, and they come back to correct the wrongs they perceived with an army they never had before.
uncle_jimbo Mar 5 2017, 06:11 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
If an inhabitant of a tangent invents a tangent-travel device and it quietly starts spreading, such disruptions might become progressively more common in neighbouring tangents.

Did anyone get the sense that certain unheard-of events had suddenly begun occurring repeatedly, with no apparent connection? I could mention several examples, perhaps least controversially, dressing up as scary clowns. We blame Facebook, but maybe it's actually multi-parallel outside interference. The perpetrators might be quite happy to put themselves into grave danger, knowing that the cause will carry on reliably under other versions of themselves.

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