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In reference to the war criminal Captain Boneshaker, I mentioned offhand, "In the words of a late Concord Investigative Bureau war crimes researcher ..."

Her replacement on the case is made of sterner stuff. (No puns intended. I'll take what I can get.) Danica "Spoon" Monroe survived one of the simian privateer's attacks on a world in Nevsky Sector (I'll have more to say about it another time), now part of the Concord Prime Neutrality. She lived for a number of years with prosthetics hand-made from a desk lamp, ladle and survival knife, at one point killing four Orion troopers with her left-hand replacement. With the end of hostilities and a job with the Concord, Danica can afford considerable improvements, but has become accustomed to some useful functions.
  • Left arm: An Ordinary Cyber-Limb with attached Ordinary Battleclaw. The blade is forged with a saw back, hook, cutting point for severing light cords and wires and is electrically insulated. Her wrist incorporates a magnetic compass, reel of fishing line and a carefully packed compartment containing clothes pegs, needles, fishing hooks, small synthetic bags and other useful items. In total, this counts as a Toolkit for suitable tasks.
  • Right arm: A Good Cyber-Limb includes an extra joint and extensor rods, allowing the wearer to extend her reach by roughly 700mm. This reduces any penalties for fighting in melee with a shorter weapon, as well as an opponent's positive Strength resistance modifier if he is the wearer's size or larger, by one step. edit: The right hand has been heat-conditioned to the melting point of silver and takes no damage from heat-based attacks of less than Good firepower.
Spoon's partner in CIB, the ex-Nariac pan I. Y. Polya, is a little more tolerant, which is saying something.

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