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I still have a fair bit of description to add, but the crunchy bits should be mostly settled, following what I've done for s-persons:

C-Person Game Data
Ability Scores

STR -- 6-15
DEX -- 6-14
CON -- 4-13
INT -- 4-14
WIL -- 4-13
PER -- 6-13

Free Broad Skills
STR        Athletics
DEX        Acrobatics
INT        Knowledge
WIL        Awareness
PER        Entertainment
PER        Interaction

Species Abilities
Feelings: A c-person's emotions are intense and long-lasting, though not entirely congruent with those of humans. She can choose either to increase her Will resistance modifier by two steps, or gain a 1-step bonus to encounter skills.
Advanced Capabilities: A c-person who is a unique engineered mutant may acquire the Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Senses or Natural Attack mutant advantages as Ordinary mutations. Any c-person may select the Night Vision mutant advantage as a Perk costing 3 Skill Points, requiring no mutant drawbacks and not counting the character as a unique mutant.
Typical Drawbacks: A c-person who is a unique engineered mutant may choose these drawbacks to count as one step more severe than listed, or any c-person may select one such drawback to act as a Flaw granting 3 Skill Points per mutation point it would normally give: Environmental Sensitivity, Inefficient Metabolism, Light Sensitivity, Sound Sensitivity, Temporary Weakness (CON or WIL), Weak Immunity.
(Note that their ability score minimums for CON and WIL above also represent possible genetic defects, as described earlier, in place of Reduced Ability Score drawbacks.)
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Author (uncle_jimbo @ Dec 28 2016, 10:50)
I seem to recall an underperson of bovine ancestry with an M name, though I could be imagining that. Ursine forms might reasonably appear as b-persons. I have some other plans for cetaceans (I briefly mentioned orcas publicly - yet another legend for the Neutralities).

A notable example, among several appearances, has a B- name, though as with s-persons, I might keep the M- reference and add more. On further thought, I don't have much for ursine forms and they would overlap considerably with weren.
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Author (uncle_jimbo @ Dec 28 2016, 10:50)
Many of them have those funny surnames, too. Rebellious youngsters sometimes refer to humans as "epps", though their elders disapprove (edit: 40,000 in Gehenna comes to mind).

The latest Wodlands region could provide an interesting twist, if my idea isn't already twisty enough (mostly unrelated to my other post with a similar phrase).

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Author (uncle_jimbo @ Feb 4 2017, 11:51)
As with pans, it's entirely possible that separate research programs worked on anything that seems to be a good idea, creating unrelated populations with subtle or major differences.

A debate likely to come up in some form: Baseline DNA
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Author (uncle_jimbo @ Feb 28 2017, 06:48)
Unseen amidst the chaos of galactic war, a mysterious conspiracy, network or perhaps just a criminal enterprise of possible Anarchist Union descent, the Sodality of the Smoke Coil, has developed and spread, now encountered as closed houses or ill-reputed starships in widely separated locations that pass information to each other by an unknown, seemingly instantaneous chemically-mediated method.

Their enemies have occasionally met with a continuation of the biological science that made the s-persons, Unhumans, superficially humaniform beings of centipedal or arachnid genetics and horribly alien thought processes.

Perhaps they hold the secret. Better gut them and find out.
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I'm not sure where the planet Bube might fit best, perhaps in this connection.

What this science might accomplish when it really got going .. For over 150 years, Gaheris has guarded the vault of records and genetic samples that is named Beyond Lies the Gate That Passes From Humanity. He stands 3.5 metres tall, broad-shouldered, with three heads resembling mastiffs, apart from the keen intelligence with which they inspect visitors.

Gaheris is likely beyond defeat in personal combat, though he wouldn't contemplate a direct attack until the base's other defences all failed. He is a seasoned tactician, expert system operator and charming conversationalist, well-read and with keen insights into history. He might ask about word of his siblings Gareth, Goliath, Kevin and Felicity.
(Gareth has four arms.)
(Much later, the heroes might find one of these individuals lying in stasis on a technological bier.)

He refuses access to the vault except in a circumstance that would convince him to abandon his post, which over a Galactic War and the destruction of the nation that created and taught him, has never happened. However, he can talk circumspectly and examine the catalogues about the contents of the collection, which in itself may be valuable information.

Partial stats I could build up more formally:

Gaheris Game Data
Male d-major Combat Spec Amazing SCM
STR        17
DEX        11
CON        16
INT        13
WIL        12
PER        12

Durability        24s / 24w / 13m / 13f with increases

Medium repeating plasma cannon        En/A        F/B/A
Chain-sword                LI/G
TN baton                Parry
Power martial arts
Bites (x3)
(Body pistol        )
Extra Actions: Gaheris' heads act in constant mental communication and harmony. At any time after his Action Check, Gaheris can make one additional action with his free off-hand or a kick (such as a martial arts strike) and another verbal or mental action or set of bites, at no penalties.


Body tank                Amazing
Deflection harness
(CF undress uniform)
The facility's transport systems deliver Gaheris' battle armour and large weapons to any internal location in one round when needed.

(Full list, ranks and benefits to compile, but includes: Heavy Weapons*, Melee Weapons, Unarmed Attack, Acrobatics - dodge, zero-G training, Modern Ranged Weapons, Movement, Stamina, Computer Science, Knowledge - first aid, (languages), System Operation, Tactics, Technical Science, Resolve, Interaction)
* Combat Spec bonus

The most impressive of the original majoris, with the exercises, nutrition and medical care suited to their particular needs, developed physical ability scores of 17, b-majors favouring Constitution. Their descendants wouldn't exceed a 16, though they still receive a Durability increase appropriate to their greater body size.

He wasn't the pinnacle of their technology. That would be t-persons.

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The introduction to Legendaria makes a point that's important to my sources:

TRUE HUMANS are a small but significant minority and are further divided into countless cultures and ethnicities.

DEMI-HUMANS include .. near-men, cat-folk, changelings, amazons, wolf-folk, and so forth, all descended directly from humans, though perhaps with a bit of animal or even alien DNA.

MANIMALS are descended from animals uplifted by technology; examples include ape-kin, goat-kin, sheep-kin, cat-kin, wolf-kin, bear-kin, and so forth.

.. in some places the distinction between cat-folk (demi-humans) and cat-kin (manimals) is meaningless; in others, it can mean the difference between freedom and slavery.
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