Dumping Waste Heat at PL7+ in Spaceships & Vehicles
cobalt_phoenix Jan 28 2017, 05:06 Group: Heroes, Status +10 Quote Post
Quick question for everyone concerning the waste heat generated by spacecraft in the far future (beyond the Fusion Age):

Has anyone ever thought about creating a heat dissipation system that transforms waste heat into a non-interactive form?

I know that for Fusion Age ships to operate, they would need massive heat radiation panels, as they can't rely on convection in the vacuum of space. However, given the fact that PL7 begins with the development of technologies along tech tracks that allow for the interaction of normally non-interactive particles (particularly dark matter), has anyone thought about incorporating a system that allows the ship to transform normal heat energy into a non-interactive form. Perhaps, for an example, the waste heat is being transformed from photons into some form dark energy, which isn't reabsorbed back into the ship while also allowing such equipment to be buried inside the ships hull and armor.

Another potential idea is with energy transformation.technology. This tech track consists of equipment that transforms matter to energy and vice versa. At PL7, it could be possible for energy transformation tech to transform heat energy into something like a neutrino, which is then released (again, this is a non-interactive particle). It is also possible at PL8 that the inertial flux engine could, by controlling the inertia of all particle on the ship, prevent the vessel itself from either heating or cooling except in specific areas, and perhaps could be used to "super-cool" the hull plating to make the ship invisible on IR.

Has anyone ever developed something along these lines?
Guardian Jan 28 2017, 05:58 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
Nah, I like having all those artsy radiating fins. Plus it helps rein in the players when they know a very critical system is completely exposed to potential incoming fire.
cobalt_phoenix Jan 28 2017, 07:53 Group: Heroes, Status +10 Quote Post
You could still keep the radiators exposed, but just smaller. It could also serve as a new way to detect a ship against the background of space.
uncle_jimbo Mar 1 2017, 20:19 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
The visual effect of space rippling and bending around interstellar technologies is fairly common. You might actually get it if you pumped out dark energy in far greater than natural concentration.

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