New version of Alternity...sort of in Alternity 2.0 by Sasquatch Games
DrShocter Aug 7 2016, 15:01 Group: Heroes, Level 8 Quote Post
A bunch of people are sounding off via the En World discussion thread about what they would love to see continue and/or change in the new edition. I think the designers are open to feedback, so now is as good a time as any to try and influence the development of the game. If it doesn't go well, there's still so much good stuff on this site!
roguemorgan Aug 8 2016, 12:53 Group: Heroes, Captain, Pilot, Navigator and Mechanic of DustPuppy Quote Post
Richard Baker and David Noonan held a meeting at GenCon on Thursday for about an hour to discuss where they are at.

The time line they are hoping for is (roughly)

- Q3 2016 Research, feedback from users (GM's & Players) of the original
- Q4 2016 Additional research and design document solidification
- Q1 - Q2 2017 Development (Kickstarter somewhere in here or just prior)
- Q3 2017 Release of the core mechanic (256-page book) (essentially GenCon next year)

Richard Baker mentioned that he would be dusting off his account and coming back to seek out feedback on what people loved and did not like as well regarding the original.

If you are passionate about the project, I would suggest using this time to go through your old games notes, collect your thoughts and write up a coherent argument to keep or change whatever elements you feel most strongly about. Then, when he comes asking for comment you've got your wish-list ready.

The largest element is that the focus is on modularity, so think in "Alternity" (core mechanic) terms rather than setting specific terms. (i.e. Star*Drive aliens).

dblade Aug 8 2016, 14:59 Group: Heroes, Sancrotari Fanboy Quote Post
Arrrrrrgh! I was too busy preparing my Alternity games for GenCon and didn't check in until now. The seminar was during one of the games I was running but I could have at least stopped by the booth. Double damn. I would love to be a part of the playtesting. Actually there are quite a few people on this site that should be playtesters, at the very least to represent the diehard fanbase.
apoc527 Aug 8 2016, 19:12 Group: Heroes, Evil GM Quote Post
I too learned about this just recently. Very exciting news.
uncle_jimbo Aug 8 2016, 20:47 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Author (roguemorgan @ Aug 8 2016, 23:53)
Richard Baker and David Noonan held a meeting at GenCon on Thursday for about an hour to discuss where they are at.

Much appreciated. This all seems very positive.
Blastin Aug 8 2016, 22:54 Group: Heroes, Level 3 Quote Post
thanks for the info on the session. I have been hoping someone would post about what was discussed. Any more details other than the rough timeline?
roguemorgan Aug 9 2016, 02:05 Group: Heroes, Captain, Pilot, Navigator and Mechanic of DustPuppy Quote Post
The Sasquatch website article originally linked up sums up most of what they said in the presentation.

The purpose of this meeting was not to say more (the presentation was maybe 8-10 minutes long,) rather the session was intended to be a direct Question and Answer of those in attendance.

One idea fielded by a guy in the audience was whether or not an Open Game License would be considered to allow others to rapidly develop settings/scenarios. (Richard Baker said he is open to the idea.)

As stated, the "roll high" vs. "roll low" has not been decided, but the question is being fielded see if using a system closer to D20 or Pathfinder is desirable. Again, they are just asking questions. David Noonan made the case for modular design (where settings will add to skills, technology, etc.)

David and Richard are clearly excited about the project and Richard is confident he has become more accomplished at game system design now than when he and Bill did the original. Richard did not mention specifics, but acknowledged there were areas he and Bill wanted to improve upon. A-Team members have implied (possibly stated) as much in the forums years ago.

At GenCon I spoke with Neil Spicer (for those that remember him) and he is excited as well. Of course, I cannot predict what, if any, involvement he may eventually have in this.)

dblade Aug 9 2016, 02:36 Group: Heroes, Sancrotari Fanboy Quote Post
Neil Spicer. He was Mister Alternity as far as I was concerned. biggrin.gif
Blastin Aug 10 2016, 00:44 Group: Heroes, Level 3 Quote Post
thanks again for the info. I was hoping there would be more discussed, but it's sounding like they are in the very earliest stages of this whole process.
Hope they do come here and talk to folks about what they would like to see.
Starbrat Aug 13 2016, 14:56 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
For my part, I never understood the big problem people have with rolling low. Why is it so hard?

But still, as long as New Alt rolls a situation and control die, has Action Checks, phases, split Mortal, Wound and Stun damage, and stepped success from a single roll, I can deal with rolling high. It'll still feel like Alternity, and I'll still love it.

I also hope that A.Net will welcome players of both games, host resources for both, have love for both and refrain from edition wars.
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