New version of Alternity...sort of in Alternity 2.0 by Sasquatch Games
derek_holland Jul 30 2016, 18:16 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Author (uncle_jimbo @ Jul 29 2016, 18:57)
The stickied thread is accurate. Someone who wanted the name would have to be sufficiently established and lawyered-up to take it away from WotC, which was never going to come out of forum talk, and which Sasquatch have done. We might un-pin it though.

Your right, I shouldn't have written it like that. But then I was very frustrated with the realization and was hearing it more in my head as "Its Alive!" (That is what happens when someone very tired all the time writes without reviewing one's writing.)

And unpinning it would be a good idea. Does not apply anymore.
Canageek Jul 31 2016, 00:13 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
It feels kind of pointless using the same name if they aren't using any of the same systems or settings though. A rules upgrade would be great if it was backwards compatible with the books I've been collecting from used shops and game stores. Alternatively, if they licensed a the settings from WotC, I'd probably collect those books no matter what system --I have most of the d20 Modern Dark*Matter books. However, a game that isn't backwards compatible, and isn't using any of the settings? I don't see the connection at all, to be honest.

(It did get me to finally post in the forums, despite having been coming to on and off since about 2002.)
Starbrat Jul 31 2016, 01:55 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
Know something, my darling A.Nutters?

Don't care.

It's ten to three in the morning, I can't sleep, I literally learned this about eight minutes ago and now I'm excited as hell.

Will it wean me off my adulterous love of Savage Worlds? Only time will tell, but it gives me a fine feeling to know that the old girl will fly again in some form.
JSM3050 Jul 31 2016, 06:27 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
Author (Starbrat @ Jul 30 2016, 18:55)
Will it wean me off my adulterous love of Savage Worlds? Only time will tell, but it gives me a fine feeling to know that the old girl will fly again in some form.

I've been splitting my time between Chronicles of Darkness and Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition these days with a Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter promised by the end of August. Oh, and a Song of Ice and Fire campaign from last summer. What can I say? I'm a game-slut.

The good news with all this is at least one other member of my group is looking for solid sci-fi. I considered Traveller but never got around to it and Starfinder looks "meh" but you better believe this new book is going on my gaming shelf right next to my (sadly incomplete) collection of originals.

Oh, and good to see you again, Starbrat. It's been a while. smile.gif
turlough Aug 2 2016, 00:39 Group: Heroes, Alternity Pimp Quote Post
I, for one, welcome our new Sasquatch overlords.

(Or is it Weren?)
Lazarus Aug 5 2016, 04:59 Group: Heroes, Amazing Hero Quote Post
I saw the news about the new Alternity game on Enworld this morning. I am cautiously optimistic. I hope it will be well done. But disappointed they will not be producing material for Star Drive or Dark Matter. But maybe they will produce material that can be converted for Star Drive and/or Dark Matter. I hope that whatever game mechanic they develop it will purposed towards a sci-fi or modern setting rather than a fantasy setting like D&D. We have enough fantasy games out there. I would be interested in space opera, modern horroy/conspiracy, and gritty post-apocalyptic settings. I prefer the Durability points of Alternity rather than hit points. It makes combat more dangerous for PCs and more realistic I think.
FaerieGodfather Aug 6 2016, 11:41 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
Wizards licensed out a number of its settings to third party publishers in the 3e era, and allowed the "official" fansites of a number of others to publish derivative works.

Publishing a new game with the Alternity name and systems inspired by the original means that there is a certain built-in audience for the game, and that audience would theoretically have a high demand for the original settings we are nostalgic for. Obviously, there are still hefty obstacles to obtaining those licenses, but Sasquatch is uniquely positioned for doing so; this is the best opportunity we're ever going to get to see those settings in print again.
Starbrat Aug 6 2016, 13:04 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
There is one thing that I really want from Alternity 2. I want it electric. I've done a near one-eighty in recent years (there's a short tale behind that), and I go for PDFs wherever I possibly can.
lordmalachdrim Aug 6 2016, 17:36 Group: Heroes, Level 16 Quote Post
Ok I was going to back Coriolis because my group and I are looking for an updated Sci-Fi game (we love Alternity but are looking for a second system to change things up now and then).

I just saw this post, went over to Sasquatch's site read "We’re planning on making use of a core mechanic very similar to the “control die + situation die” approach of the original game, because rolling two polyhedrals at the same time was one of the things you did when you played Alternity." and now...well forget Coriolis I can always pick that up at a later date if the new Alternity disappoints but I pretty much at the point of bouncing around the house like I just drank 4 cups of Death Wish Coffee.
Stardiver Aug 7 2016, 00:47 Group: Heroes, Status +10 Quote Post
I will be anxious to see how they present a chapter on starship and vehicular design and construction. This is what really keeps me stuck to the sci-fi RPG genre.

I also wonder how they will designate the hit point or damage track system for the overall game. The split tracks in Alternity were great.
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