Shroompunk on IRC? , Urban fantasy Super Mario Bros in Online Game requests and announcements
FaerieGodfather May 7 2016, 01:01 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
I'm looking to start a new Alternity game, preferably on IRC. Progress Level 5, no psionics/mutants/cyberware, heroic-level custom FX. As the description says, based on the worlds of the Super Mario Brothers games, but viewed through an urban fantasy lens-- it's a dangerous world and characters are going to have to be tough to survive it. Characters will be normal humans from Earth, but they should be tough and brave and capable of taking care of themselves. No starting FX, but everyone is effectively an Adept starting early in the campaign.

Prefer to run this on the MagicStar IRC network, but I'm willing to try a forum game if that doesn't work.

If you're interested, reply here or email me at

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FaerieGodfather May 10 2016, 15:16 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
Game cancelled due to lack of interest, but I'll be starting another game in the same slot. I'll come up with an ad some time this week.

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