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> Getting a Necromancy Licence
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It turns out that once upon a time, there was a city in Illinois that required a licence to perform acts of necromancy (seances) or own and display a monster (deformed people and animals). And apparently, quoting from the thread there:

You could, however, go to your nearest US District Court Clerk, file a document that states that you are licensed to practice necromancy (as a Miscellaneous case, filing fee $46), then get a certified copy of that document with the seal of the Clerk ($0.10 for the printed copy, plus $11 for the certification). You might have to wave your arms a little and insist strongly that they take your money... but if they'll take stuff from Orly Taitz, I don't know what grounds they have to refuse to take your document.
Also, I don't know that you could do anything useful with that certified copy of that document. Maybe get a short feature on Lowering the Bar.

Just think of all the uses for this in Dark Matter. alienevil.png

And the thread has many more ideas, from Roman gladiators that made tons of money from product advertising to a real tiger that LSU uses to terrify its sports foes.
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Under current Canadian law - charges have been laid within the past month - it's not illegal to practice witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration, but is illegal to pretend to do so, for fraudulent purposes.
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