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Ranthor Mar 4 2015, 11:14 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post

It is a realistic spec-op game, with some sci-fci. I did not play Alternity for ages, so I am not so fast with rules anymore.Also generally I do not care much about them. If you are a raw, roll-player please do not join.
It will be a narrative game, like all my campaigns. Role Playing is encouraged

I need 4 players, GMT+2 timezone (time will beGMT 19:00) and I will run it on week (not weekend).

I will add 5 players because I know some of the players never come.

General rules, be nice, do not offend people, do not argue with me, I (GM/DM) am always right.
It will be an easy, fun game, I hope:)

Skype/google hangout is a must. contact me via skype


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Ranthor May 12 2015, 19:26 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
The game was nice, but we need a alternity character sheet and macro combo in roll20

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