XCOM Role-Playing LP , Already ongoing on another forum in Online Game requests and announcements
Thenlar Feb 8 2015, 19:20 Group: Heroes, Level 4 US Marine Quote Post
Hey folks! Haven't been around for a while, I kinda forgot about this board until I got the update email last month and popped back in.

I have an ongoing Role-Playing Let's Play for the XCOM video game (Long War mod) that I think some of you might be interested in. I started it in October, and it's been chugging along nicely since then. It's settled into a smaller group of constant role-players/posters, but could always use a few more people.

If you're interested, you can take a look over at the forum for the game or just post any questions here.
TerroX Feb 13 2015, 02:54 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
I have no idea of that mod. I finished the game, also finished XCOM Apocalypse first and it was a hectic 60 hour slog of total awesomeness. The new XCOM game was good but nowhere near the weird detail of the old stuff.
beavis456 Aug 2 2015, 19:54 Group: Heroes, Lord and Master Quote Post
I absolutely love XCom. Need more players ?

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