Gravity Assisted Parrying Devices in Equipment, Cybertech and Weapons
Niko_Kaze Jan 17 2015, 09:40 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
So I have been thinking, and if the tristaff can provide a resistance bonus then why can't we use gravity manipulation to assist with parrying?

My thoughts:

In a shield the bonus would depend on the size of the shield. I would think that a small shield should get a +1 bonus to parry, a large shield should get a +2 bonus to parry and something the size of a riot shield should give a +2 bonus and an chance to parry incoming ranged attacks too -- doing so would be without the normal bonus and probably with a penalty, I would guestimate at about a -3.

Weapons should probably offer no more than a +1 bonus to parry.

So my question would be: How long should the charge for such a device last, how much should such a device cost, and what PL should such a device be useful? I would think it should cost less than the deflection harness and probably last longer too since it's a much more specific use of the technology.

uncle_jimbo Oct 7 2018, 01:34 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
A tristaff might bear some resemblance to a pastoral staff and could assist a law enforcer more if it had a further similarity: a crook on the end, or rather a gravitic restraint function (even working at some distance).

The mitre, pectoral and ring as symbols of office are also interesting. Some illustrations of Administrators seem to wear a hooded cloak instead. A mitre helm or hood could include some useful communication and detection functions.

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